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Environmentally Friendly Sunglasses by Juicy Couture

In 2011, popular fashion label Juicy Couture launched the environmentally friendly ‘Choose Green’ designer range of sunglasses. With more people being aware of environmental issues, and choosing to live environmentally conscious lives, many designers have found innovative ways of catering to this growing market of people.Now, you no longer have to wear tie-dye and Birkenstocks to be environmentally friendly. You can still make a fashion statement, look chic, and help save the planet too.

Juicy Couture’s range of environmentally friendly designer sunglasses comes in three unique shapes; Jasmine (which is oval), Peony (which is a cat’s eye shape) and Fern (rounded square). So, you can get a pair that will suit your face shape. All of these shapes are available in different colors, including raspberry and tortoise.

What makes this collection environmentally friendly is that they are made from fifty-five percent renewable materials that are plant based, and they have bamboo decorations. When you purchase a pair of these sunglasses you will receive them in a pouch made of organic cotton canvas that has a soy ink print. As well as this, they are not too pricey, being much more affordable than some of the high-end designer labels. So you can be fashionable, save some money, and help save the planet!

Designing environmentally friendly clothes and accessories is growing in popularity, as is evident from Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglass design that is associated with a particular awareness raising campaign around the Atlantic Forest.

Usually, sunglasses are made of non-renewable materials, so it is a vast improvement in the industry, and hopefully more designers will follow in the steps of Juicy Couture and Marc Jacobs. All we need now is our favourites such as Tom Ford and Ray Ban sunglasses to ‘go green’, and everyone will be happy!

Be Sure About the Perfection of Crypto Trading Now

The cryptocurrencies are a digital means of exchange. The Bitcoin was the first to appear in 2009, created by an anonymous person under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. However, it was not until almost ten months later when the first transaction in dollars was carried out.

The Use of the Bitcoin

The bitcoin is the largest and best-known of the digital currencies, reaching overcoming the performance of traditional currencies in recent years. Its main characteristic is that it deals with a medium of exchange based on a system of blocks. Also make a visit to for the best results.

  • As of that moment, the cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity, arising many competitors, although each with its characteristics. Some of them are Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cardano (ADA) and NEM (XEM).
  • All these cryptocurrencies are decentralised, that is, any central bank or any State does not control them. The latter allows users to carry out their transactions. Another peculiarity of these digital currencies is that they are voluntary and international, being able to be used anywhere in the world.
  • Despite the popularity of cryptocurrencies, their regulation, volatility and decentralisation provoke some distrust among some investors, who recommend caution when betting on this asset.

The “blockchain” is already known to all, at least for what it serves. It is no longer a novelty. Now, we are in the phase in which companies and public institutions are trying to apply it. Bitcoin has lost its brightness. It is moving later over 6000 USD. What would happen if I missed that support?

  • The “blockchain ” is already known to all, at least for what it serves. It is no longer a novelty.
  • Now, we are in the phase in which companies and public institutions are trying to apply this new technology.
  • The bitcoin has lost its lustre. It is moving laterally above 6,000 USD.
  • We see great volatility in the rest of the cryptocurrencies.

Can any of them be worth zero?

  • In my opinion, the value of a cryptocurrency depends on how useful it is.
  • That is the number of transactions made with it.
  • In short, they are nothing more than digital means of exchange that use very advanced cryptography to achieve maximum security of transactions.
  • If those transactions tended to zero, the value of the cryptocurrency would also do so.

Let’s see the “bitcoin/dollar” chart.It is observed that it is moving laterally above the support of 6,000.The loss of 6,000, which is significant support, would accentuate bearish pressures. These are the matters that you will have to be careful about. Regarding the new options and deals a lot of users can team up and make the best come up with all the perfection present there.