Exceptional Dealings With the Perfect Business in the World Market

Do you want to integrate a high-level specialized training in the popular areas of business, management and management? Do not hesitate and integrate a master in international trade.

Presentation of the International Business Master

International trade is the exchange of goods and services at the global level. Production of goods and services enables international marketing to markets and potential customers. Trade must therefore take into account the expectations of potential consumers. International trade includes the purchasing, insurance, marketing, finance and management sectors.

The International Business Master trains professionals working in the field of global commerce, negotiation, management but also research, banking and finance. In the Business world market this is important now.

This International Business Master allows you to acquire the degree bac + 5. It can be done alternately or in continuous training. This Master confers 120 ECTS credits.

Master International Business: program and subjects

The first year is devoted to the acquisition of common knowledge of business and business, while the second year specializes more in students. Conferences and seminars are organized to involve international trade professionals. For two years, the courses are:

  • International economy
  • Human resources
  • International marketing
  • Finance and Controlling / International Business Management
  • Corporate Strategy and International Information System
  • Financial risk
  • Law and taxation of international operations
  • Transport and logistics / Distribution
  • Intercultural Management / Economic Watch / Geopolitics
  • Communication English
  • Service Management / Business Plan
  • Commercial negotiating

During the two years of the Master’s degree, the students complete a 6-month internship to acquire some know-how in order to put it to good use when they enter a company. At the end of it, a brief is requested. In addition, case studies and role plays are set up to observe their behavior in the face of a current problem.

What are the access routes to this Master?

You can enter the first year of the Master program when you hold a 3-year high school diploma or equivalent to continue your studies. However, for some Masters in grandesécoles, admission remains very selective. To join an International Business Master, you will need to send your academic record, write a cover letter, as well as pass a motivational interview with a jury.

Students have the opportunity to send several applications to several institutions carrying out an International Business Master.

What to do after an International Business Master?

Two possibilities are open to young graduates of this Master:

  • Pursue their studies: students can go to a Specialized Master International Trade
  • Enter the workforce: they can enter the job market thanks to the experience gained during the internship in the field of trade
  • The majority of students prefer to continue their studies.


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